SusbMarine Dives into the internet to find subtitles for your videos and TV Shows. It's a great Mac Application designed to do for you the boring task of searching and downloading subtitles for your Movies or TV Shows In no time, you will have the subtitles for your movies in your computer, ready to watch.
Mac OSX 10.8+ Mountain Lion Required
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Scan Video files

SubsMarine can find video files in your computer, in the folders you specify. If you always keep your videos in the same folder, you can configure SubsMarine to automatically search that folder.

Find Subtitles

SubsMarine will connect to several of the most popular subtitles services and will find subtitles for your videos. The most suited subtitles will be automatically selected for you to download.

Download Subtitles

When you are ready to go, SubsMarine will download for you the subtitles files you have selected. SubsMarine can even download several subtitles for the same video, in case that you're not sure which one is the best.

In your language

SubsMarine can download subtitles in multiple languages. You can configure it even to search for subtitles in different languages at the same time. User Interface is currently only available in English and Spanish.
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Subtitles Services

Below is the list of the supported Subtitles Services. SubsMarine connects to theirs servers to find and download the subtitles files for your videos. We encourage you to visit their sites to support their great work. We enjoy the subtitles thanks to them.